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I know – this is supposed to be a blog about vegetables.

But, there are TWO pandemics we are dealing with at the moment – so carbs are really the least you need to worry about. Do yourself a favor, and just make yourself some bagels this weekend.

Why bagels?

I have been away from my beloved borough for three months now, and have missed many things about it. While I cannot recreate so much of what I love (choosing which of many places to get coffee from on my walk to work, impromptu kid meet ups at Carroll Park, getting my shake on at a Bar Method class in the studio, saying goodbye to my children as I drop them off at school…) There is one thing I CAN control, and that is recreating the bagels I look forward to every week.

Thanks to Maple City Market, a wonderful gem of a store in Goshen, Indiana, I was able to find high-gluten flour, and that made these circles of joy possible.

I am not going to try to improve on Smitten Kitchen’s recipe, which I followed very closely (minus the barley syrup) Just go check it out. What I did do, however, is use some everything bagel seasoning – which you can find pretty easily these days in the spice section.

As Maui would say, YOU’RE WELCOME. (and I would know because I’ve listened to that soundtrack about 700 times this week.)