Im posting this again for two reasons. 1: Peter Berley was on WNYC last night explaining this ricotta recipe. 2: The use of the word yummy is reaching epidemic levels these days. Enough is enough. Other words you can say: tasty, delectable, delightful, appetizing, mouthwatering, delicious, scrumptious….you get the point.Yummy is a kids word and it makes me cringe to hear adults use it.

fresh from brooklyn


There’s something I’ve been wanting to say: I am now over 50 posts into a food blog and have avoided using the word “yummy.” It is on my list of most hated words for adults to use. Now that I got that out of the way, I’m excited to share this ricotta technique with you.

Making fresh ricotta is so easy that it makes me wonder why EVERYONE isn’t making their own ricotta. So far, I’ve enjoyed it on fresh ciabatta with honey and on homemade pizza with eggplant. Other ways I plan on trying (recipes to follow throughout the season):

  • with mint and spring vegetables on pasta,
  • in pancakes,
  • in lasagna,
  • by the spoonful…

If you have an interesting way to prepare ricotta, please forward your recipe!

I learned this technique at Peter Berley’s cooking weekend in February, and the picture below is from his beautiful kitchen on the…

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